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Welcome to the ElonDiablo Token, where the worlds of Elon Musk and the mythical realm of Diablo collide in a unique blockchain experience. EDT is not just a token; it's a ticket to a gaming-inspired financial adventure.

Concept of Action

Play to Earn

As a true gamer's token, ElonDiablo lets you play the market like a strategic quest. The more you engage, the more you earn.

Elon Musk Connection

Inspired by Elon Musk's love for Diablo , this token brings a touch of Musk's gaming enthusiasm to the crypto space.

USDT Rewards

Forget complicated reward systems. With ElonDiablo, rewards are straightforward – in USDT. Trade, hold, and watch your USDT balance grow
Hold ElonDiablo tokens in your wallet, and you'll automatically be eligible for periodic USDT rewards. The more EDT you hold, and the higher your trading volume, the greater your share of the rewards. ElonDiablo


The native token used within the ElonDiablo ecosystem is called EDT Token. It serves as a fundamental component of the platform, providing utility and value to its users. The tokenomics of EDT Token are designed to facilitate ecosystem participation, incentivize user engagement, and support the sustainable growth of the platform.


Buy Tax


Sell Tax


  • 1% USDT Reward

  • 1% BURN 

  • 1% Marketing

CA: 0x37A7458443178d1C8C2887C9122261b715B6f08B


PHASE 1: Development Phase

  • Organisation:

    Assemble a skilled and dedicated team with expertise in blockchain and software development.

  • Development of communities:

    Development of communities across key social media platforms for the building of ElonDiablo community.

  • Airdrop Launch:

    Launch an airdrop program to raise awareness and attract early supporters to the ElonDiablo ecosystem.

PHASE 2: Launch Phase

  • V1 Website Lauch:

    The launch of ElonDiablo website is to allow users to understand the full features of the ElonDiablo ecosystem.

  • ElonDiablo Token Presale:

    The launch of ElonDiablo presale serves as a vital step towards enhancing the long-term sustainability of the ElonDiablo ecosystem. Through the presale, funds are raised to support continuous development and liquidity.

  • ElonDiablo Token Launch:

    Launch of the EDT token, making it available for trading and transactions for the ElonDiablo investors.

PHASE 3: Expansion Phase

  • Hard Marketing :

    Enhancing our presence and building a robust community..

  • Expansion:

    Submission the necessary information and requirements to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko for listing the EDT token.

  • Listing:

    Second decentralized exchange listing to help investors get more access and trading options for the EDT token.

PHASE 4: Maturity Phase

  • Enhancement:

    Gathering valuable insights and identify any potential issues or areas for improvement before the UPGRADE of ElonDiablo ecosystem.

  • Partnerships:

    Launch a strategic partnership campaign to establish collaborations with other industry players.

  • Listing:

    Seek additional listings to expand the availability and trading options for the EDT token

  • Development:

    Development of the V2 roadmap and expansion of utility for the ElonDiablo ecosystem